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time life mysteries of the unknown inside the world of - time life mysteries of the unknown inside the world of the strange and unexplained the editors of time life on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers could the strange actually be true this book takes readers on a tour of the eerie and unexplained from the search for vanished civilizations to the science of real life zombies, time life mysteries of the unknown complete 33 volume - time life launched an impressive advertising campaign in the 1980 s to coincide with the release of this series a new book was sent every month, top 10 unexplained ancient artifacts fact or fiction - the most puzzling ancient artifacts over the last few hundred years many perplexing artifacts have been unearthed that do not fit the currently accepted theories of geology and the history of man the bible tells us that god created adam and eve just a few thousand years ago according to science man is a few, the pollock twins life after death real unexplained - in this article we will be covering the reincarnation case of the pollock twins from hexham england a strange tale that reinforces the idea of life after death and hope from tragedy tragic events, 10 strange mysteries from around the world that are still - all things that cannot be explained remain an intriguing conversation topic for many people around the globe some mysteries however are more interesting than the rest simply because of how weird they are, ancient weapons of mass destruction the mahabharata - the two great ancient epics of india ramayana and mahabharata c 1000 500 bc are centered on conflicts and refer to military formations theories of warfare and esoteric weaponry among the principal works and stories that are a part of the mahabharata are the bhagavad gita the story of damayanti an abbreviated version of the ramayana and, articles on ufo s ancient mysteries the unexplained - mayan majix learn about the maya mayan calendar products mayan astrology jewelry ceremonial items mayan superfoods mayan photo gallery ian xel lungold, videos from the world of unexplained mysteries - ghost videos myterious ghosts videos scariest videos bigfoot video ufo videos and many more scary videos from the world of unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomenons click on the ghost videos to enjoy this paranormal world of scary videos start clicking to watch ufo videos alien abduction videos ghost videos flying witches video ghost hunting video, tamam shud case wikipedia - the tamam shud case also known as the mystery of the somerton man is an unsolved case of an unidentified man found dead at 6 30 am 1 december 1948 on somerton beach glenelg just south of adelaide south australia it is named after the persian phrase tam m shud meaning ended or finished printed on a scrap of paper found months later in the fob pocket of the man s trousers, archaeology answers about ancient civilizations indus - archaeology answers about ancient civilizations indus river valley ancient maps of the world ancient india civilizations ancient china civilization strange pictures dead men s secrets lost technology and more, how the world s most notorious atheist strange notions - editor s note for the last half of the twentieth century antony flew 1923 2010 was the world s most famous atheist long before richard dawkins christopher hitchens and sam harris began taking swipes at religion flew was the preeminent spokesman for unbelief, top 10 unexplained phenomena from nature listverse - ghost stories are scary because they tackle the unknown history is interesting because it recounts real events that actually happened the fascinating medium between the two are natural events that we have yet to understand while we are constantly learning about how our world works we often run, the world s biggest mysteries scientists still can t solve - time doesn t always shed light on unexplained mysteries though consider the 5 tonne statues that dot remote easter island in the middle of the pacific ocean or 5 000 year old coins that have, black eyed kids exploring the unexplained phenomenon of - children have been the object of horror stories for decades however they are experiencing a new reincarnation as objects of terror in the form of black eyed children although some label these beings as an urban legend out of control there are many who claim that black eyed children are real