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buddha and the path to enlightenment iv the dhammapada and the udanavarga by raghavan iyer buddhagosha s parables 305 stories and parables in a commentary on the dhammapada sutta provided by buddhagosha in the 5th century ce, indian medicine man talisman native american figurines - shamanism transcendent peace from below there is a difference between religion and spirituality spirituality is hard it is man s curse and salvation to resolve the question of existence to perimeter the vast endless nature of consciousness and free ourselves from ourselves as far back as genetic memory spans we ve strived to comprehend the universe and how we fit into it, twenty important spiritual instructions - preface a life without spiritual sadhana is a dreary waste a life with spiritual sadhana is wise living a life that will lead to blessedness the combination the blending together the harmonising the combining of an active inner spiritual life with an active outer secular life fulfilling of legitimate duties and obligations unavoidable inevitable actions this combining of the, dudeiwantthat com a geek s gift guide of gadgets gear - 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